Opening day at Brighton Wed Nov 15th

By Tim Roberts Nov 15, 2006
Opening day at Brighton Wed Nov 15th

Today Brighton won the race to be the first Utah resort to open!
Taking in the views as I drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon, I started to
feel pretty lucky! With new snow covering the mountains and a blue
sky, the setting was perfect for opening day. I met up with tele skier
Dan McCaan and photographer Randy Reynolds, and got to it. With three
lifts open, we decided to head to Crest Express. As I was riding up the
lift I noticed a powder stash right underneath that to my pleasant
surprise had not been tracked up. We skied off the catwalk of people
and into the powder. Right under the lift we ripped a few turns getting
some props from the chair. The pitch is short but fun. Then it drops
into the woods for some low angle pow turns. We enjoyed it enough that
we had to come back for more. After a groomer lap, we went looking for
pow again. We noticed some powder in the woods, skiers left of the
groomer, and went for it. It was low angle, but to my surprise there
were still freshies. We were happy to be skiing lift access powder for
the first time this year. After that we cruised over to the rails. Kids
were jibing of every little thing they could find. I began to realize
that there are probably a few empty classrooms today. Brighton had
beginner and intermediate terrain open, along with a few rails and
powder stashes. With just a few lifts open we were entertained all day!
The best part is, we know it’s just a taste of what there is to come!!!

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