Pair Pass Promo at The Canyons

By Bob Winter Jan 16, 2009
Pair Pass Promo at The Canyons

world-hamburger-450x299 (world-hamburger-450x299)Grab a friend, family member, enemy or acquaintance, because The Canyons Resort is bringing back the Pair Pass Promotion for the 4th year in a row.  This means that once again, guests who purchase a Pair Pass receive 2 lift tickets, 2 burgers, and 2 beers (or soft drinks) for $109.  I'm guessing the burger won't be as big as the picture in this post, but who knows?  Maybe you'll be surprised.

The Pair Pass is literally the best deal out there right now; the retail value is $79 per lift ticket, $10.50 per burger, and $5 per beer that is $94.50.  Times that by 2 and you would be paying $189- that equals a savings of $80!

Starting on January 7, guests will be able to go to, and purchase a Pair Pass.  Once they have purchased their Pair Pass, guests will then go to any ticket window at The Canyons to pick up their lift tickets and food and drink vouchers.

The Pair Pass Promotion will run from January 7 through February 12, and again, must be purchased online to be honored at the ticket window.