Park City

By Tim Roberts Feb 7, 2007

Today we decided to ski Park City. We started by skiing the trees skier's right of McConkey’s bowl. There we found some skied up Pow with a few freshies in the tighter shots towards the bottom. Then we decided to cruise over to the Jonesy’s Park. The jumps look big. However as Conan pointed out, “Once you get the speed of the first one, the rest fall right in to place.” It’s always a rush to try new tricks and spend some time in the air. It’s good for you too. Jason admitted, “I used to get scared, then I remembered that I’m a wild stallion." He also said that it was one of the “best days of the year” even though he landed on the back of his head after over-rotating on the last kicker. After a good laugh, we made sure he was OK and then we took a few cruisers before calling it a day.
Now I’m headed to the first stop on the Freeskiing Tour. With my dad coming to watch, I hope to log the W. I’ll be back in about a week to ski some Pow. I hear it’s going to snow. Yeah snow!