Park Peek @ Brighton

By Happy Painter Jan 19, 2008
Park Peek @ Brighton

It hadn't snowed in a few days so Bryce and I decided that it was about time for a park day. We drove the 25 miles from Salt Lake City to Brighton Ski Resort. The weather report said that it would be cloudy but when we got up to the mountain it was once again puking snow. Not the best conditions for a park day but still fun. We got our lift tickets, grabbed our Bluehouse Demo Skis and then img_5285 (img_5285)headed out for a park run.

The sweet thing about the way the 4 parks are set up at Brighton is you can hit them all in one top-to-bottom run off the Crest Express Lift. Getting off the lift you'll start out in the My-O-My and then head over to the Candyland park. If you stay straight and cut through the trees at the end of the Candyland park you will end up in upper and lower Majestic, with the choice of skipping out on lower Majestic to hit the half pipe (the half pipe isn't open yet).

Regardless of what park you hit, you are destined to find tons of rails, wall rides, and special features unique to Brighton. The park crew does an excellent job of maintaining their park and is always mixing things up. The best way to find out what features are currently present is by going to Brighton's Terrain Park website.

If you get ever get sick of the park, and trust me, you won't, head over to the new Milly Express lift and jib the numerous natural features on that side of the mountain.