Park Roundup: Early Season

By Park Rat Tom Dec 3, 2013
Best season ever in the making?
Park Roundup: Early Season

The early season park scene here in Utah has been on fire. 

Brian Head Resort

Looks magical, doesn't it? That's because it is. p: Mike Saemisch

Brian Head Resort opened their season with a full park run. Two 25-35' jumps, new rail features… off to a great start in Southern Utah. Opening weekend was all time. They even have night riding. Night riding is the best. Keep up with the latest Brian Head terrain park updates here:


Brighton Resort

This dude found a log jib in the woods, you should too. p: Brigtown Chronicles r: Nate Millard

The park crew has really been keeping things creative this year. Brighton Resort is known for it's rail game, and continues to keep those jammers guessing every year. The early season saw some wild & crazy setups such as here:

Visit their website! It's cool.


Canyons Resort Terrain Park

Haven't gotten a chance to visit yet, but things are looking good at the Canyons. Great reviews from fans, but that's no surprise, the Canyons has always killed it. A couple park shots in the video above. Peep.


Park City Mountain Resort (IRPC)

With one of the most flowy early season parks in recent history, IRPC put together a snake run full of rails and jumps from top to bottom. And you know they have lots of good media already. Watch this edit from Pat Fenelon for the best of the best in snowboarding.

and Andrew Napier and AJ Dakoulas for skiing


Snowbasin Terrain Parks

Powderpuff park, full of rainbows & sunshine. p: Snowbasin Resort

I love Snowbasin. Natural halfpipes, long cruisers, pocket parks, you name it, this mountain has something for everyone. Even those pesky little park rats. Can't wait to head there this weekend. Meet ya there?