Plenty of powder at Snowbasin

By Tim Roberts Jan 10, 2008

Just got back from Snowbasin, where we spent the morning riding in a driving snow storm. The snow was falling about as heavy as I'd ever seen it snow. I think the Lake Effect snow gun was pointed directly at Snowbasin this morning. We'd take a run, circle back to the same area 20 minutes later and our tracks were totally gone. It was unreal. Afterwards I treated myself to a burger at Earl's Lodge which has some of the best resort food anywhere. The drive back to SLC was especially gnarly, the usual 45 minute trip ended up taking two hours, it was puking snow so hard that we were driving blind through a blizzard. There was about 17 inches of snow when we got to Snowbasin in the morning and it probably snowed another 8 inches while we were there.

If you're getting out and about, keep in mind that the avalanche danger is high right now. Anytime you get snow like this it is going to add significant weight to the snow pack and increase the avalanche danger.

According to the National Weather Service, it doesn't look like this storm pattern we've been in for the last month is going to let up. I know that everyone here in our offices hope that it never does. See you on the slopes.