Plum Alley & Ski Utah Serve It Up Family Style

By Yeti Oct 25, 2012
My first collaborative interview experience takes place at Plum Alley in Salt Lake City. I got to talk all things skiing and foodie over crispy pork belly buns and the best braised greens I've ever had. Guest blogger Kelley Epstein investigates.
Plum Alley & Ski Utah Serve It Up Family Style

•Note, this blog post is written by guest blogger, Kelley Epstein, who is a finalist for the Ski Utah Foodie blogger position. Comment, engage and share this post. The Ski Utah Foodie Blogger will be announced here, this upcoming Monday at noon.

After receiving an email last week notifying me that I had been selected as one of the finalists for Ski Utah's next foodie blogger, I was immediately elated. Followed all to quickly by a bit of apprehension as the next part of the email was inviting me to a collaborative lunch interview  with the other finalists. Way to put the pressure on, Ski Utah! Not knowing what to expect I showed up to lunch today ready for anything.

First off, I have to give kudos to the Ski Utah team for picking the perfect restaurant where a handful of nervous potentials vying for the same position would immediately be put at ease. Plum Alley is a hidden gem in downtown Salt Lake. The cozy southeast Asian restaurant serves up lunch and dinner in a friendly, family style setting. The menu is small but has plenty of variety with something for everyone.

As soon as our food started showing up, everyone dug in with zero hesitation- the sure sign of a good group that likes to eat!  The steamed buns with crispy pork belly were fantastic. I can see why they have become Plum Alley's signature dish. Both the pulled pork and vegetarian ramen were some of the best I've ever had. The broths had so much depth and were so savory, it was hard not to slurp the entire bowl. But if i'm being totally honest, the highlight of the meal came in the form of the side dishes. The perfectly braised greens were slightly sweet with a just a little kick from the ginger and garlic. I'm pretty sure I monopolized the dish and ate more than my fair share. The brussels sprouts and butternut squash were roasted until the outsides caramelized and they were finished with a just a little drizzle of honey. You know a restaurant is good when the side dishes shine like these did!

While the food and service were both outstanding, it would be unfair of me not to mention the great company with which I shared lunch. Any hesitation I had about meeting with the other finalists vanished quickly. Between the Ski Utah team and the other finalists, there was no denying what a fantastic opportunity it was to sit down with a group of like minded people and talk something we're all passionate about. I know that whoever is chosen to be the next foodie blogger, they will bring passion and something special to the Ski Utah crew.

I overheard the content editor tell one of the other finalists that at Ski Utah, "we sell a good time." After today's lunch, I couldn't agree more.