Pow, Football and Food

By Tim Roberts Jan 6, 2007

Today Aaron Broege finally bought his Alta pass. He said “As soon as I get my pass it’s gonna be on.” He was right. With new snow over night, the Pow day was on. We started out skiing off the Collins Lift. Then Broege decided he wanted to straight line Glory Hole. We were the first tracks in the upper entrance. The low visibility forced us to make turns after we pointed the top. We could barely see, but having good snow and knowing nothing was in the way, we hit the hole. Then we decided to go ski the trees to get some definition. We headed over to Supreme and hit the glades in Catharine’s Area. There we could see much better, and there were only a few tracks in the gully we skied. There was Pow and Chopped up Pow. The areas that were getting traffic were staying soft and not getting bumped out. After a couple more laps it was time to go watch the Chiefs game. Broege was upset when they lost, but avoided crying when he realized “At least I have my Alta Pass.”

Here's a photo of me eating snow at Alta.


As the second football game started, it was time to hit Deer Valley's Seafood Buffet at Snow Park Lodge. With more food than we could handle, we ordered some wine and got to it. I started with sushi and crab legs and then moved on to the prime rib, bass, tuna and duck. No potatoes or bread. We stuck to the good stuff. The meat! My favorite things were the glazed duck and the pan seared tuna with wahsabi cream. After three plates I barely had room for the smores cake, chocolate moose and a fruit cup I brought back to the table. All this great seafood for only $58 a person is actually a killer deal. Feeling fat and happy from good food and wine it was time to head home. Check out the photos Hilary took of the buffet and the food coma that followed.