Spring Powder at Alta

By Powderhound Matt Apr 9, 2015
The season to ski powder isn't over yet. Today was one of those spring powder days that just reignites the flame in all of us. Now we can only hope the storms continue. Check out the Powder from Alta on Wednesday
Spring Powder at Alta

This season is far from done! Wasatch Snow Forecast has been telling us it was going to snow now for almost a week, Sure enough he was right.  Skiing at Alta Ski Area today was like skiing at your own private country club. There was nobody around. Maybe folks are over it, guess what? I’m not!  

Thursday should be another fun one, with fresh lines to be had all over the Wasatch.  While this is closing weekend for many resorts there are a few that will continue to march on.  That’s a good a thing because if you look out there in meteorological la la land, there are some storms lining up.  Better late than never, right?  

If you’ve never had the opportunity to ski at a Cottonwood Canyon Resort on a spring powder day, I would seriously consider you give it a try. Having these world class resorts all to yourself can’t really be described. You just have to trust me, it will be worth every penny!