Powder Playlist

By Thomas Cooke Dec 1, 2009
Help me put together the ultimate playlist for the upcoming season. What music do you rock on the iPod when you are on the hill?

Powder Playlist

I never know when I am going to have time during the season to do this, so this year, I wanted to plant the seeds early for a new iTunes playlist for the upcoming season. I am pulling together tracks to listen to on the first deep Utah powder day, and calling it GSOE®. I'm just starting to put it together now, tend the soil, cultivate it, but I need some help. Here are the first 5 tracks, in "track/artist" format:

1. Uprising, Muse 

2. 10,000 Feet, Wolfmother

3. California Queen, Wolfmother (it's ok to have 2 in a row from the same band, because it's Wolfmother)

4. Ramble On, Led Zeppelin

5. Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard, Waylon Jennings (don't ask, probably will move this to the end as I add more tracks)

I need more suggestions. I need to mix it up. What are you listening to? What music gets in your playlist when you are charging hard, playing in the park, or cruising groomers? Leave a comment with 5 "must haves" from your playlist, so I can check them out. Hit it. I don't care if it's hair metal, disco, country, or Nickelback. Ok, actually, I do care, but tell me anyway.