PowderTwins, Powder Mountain and 50 inches of….Powder!

By Yeti Mar 5, 2012
We are the PowderTwins and are using our 5th Grade Passports to ski all 14 resorts in Utah this season. We just skied at Powder Mountain (number 9 for us) – that place is AWESOME and they have a ton of snow.
PowderTwins, Powder Mountain and 50 inches of….Powder!

Snowcat ride to Lightning Ridge (powder-mountain)

Hi everyone, this is Anna.  I want you to know that Powder Mountain truly lives up to its name.  On Saturday we went there for the first time, and the powder was up to my knees and in some places above my waist!  I have never skied in that much powder in my life. 

Powder Mountain is a fun place to ski because the resort is ginormous, and there are so many ways to ski the mountain.  You can ride ski lifts…but also take snowcats and ride busses all to search out new areas to ski.  We started the day by taking the snowcat up to Lightning Ridge, a peak that is only accessible by taking the snowcat.  It was an adventure riding in the snowcat – my brother Jacob, our friend Cannon, and I were the only kids on the ride so I was a little nervous.  But when we got to the top and stepped into the deep snow I knew it would be worth it.  We skied the whole run on fresh snow and felt like we had the mountain to ourselves.

After taking a few runs on the Paradise and Hidden Valley lifts and doing the jumps in the terrain park, we entered Powder County.  This is an area at Powder Mountain that is like backcountry skiing, but it’s within the resort.  The runs are not groomed and there are no lifts in this area.  You ski down really long runs that you get to invent yourself (because there are no “runs” in this area) and you know you are at the end when you hit a road.  From there, a bus picks you up and drives you to the top.  It was fun and different.  Here’s a video that captures some of the best parts from the day.

Powder Mountain is truly amazing, and we are so lucky to live close to great ski areas like this.  If you are a 5th or 6th grader, you need to get a Passport and see it all for yourself.  We’ve now skied 9 of the 14 resorts in Utah this year and I am so excited to see the rest.   If you have any questions about what a kid thinks about Powder Mountain, please let me know in the comments below.  You can also follow us on Twitter at @PowderTwins.