PowderTwins, Santa and Snowbird

By Yeti Jan 3, 2012
We are the PowderTwins, 11 year olds who are skiing all 14 resorts in Utah this season. On Christmas Eve we skied at Snowbird with Santa, real pro skiers, and our family…and rode a huge tram. We had so much fun!
PowderTwins, Santa and Snowbird

Hi everyone, this is Anna.  One of our family traditions is to ski on Christmas Eve, and this year we visited Snowbird.  We did lots of cool things there – we skied with Santa Claus, who stopped his sleigh just to ski with us!  Cool!  He is a really good skier, and we posted a picture of him doing a trick off a huge jump.  Our first run with Santa was Chickadee, a beginner run that is right off the Plaza Deck.  We chose this so our 5 year old brother could come with us.  He LOVED skiing with Santa before he had to go to the North Pole for his busy night.

We then did some runs with a few of Snowbird’s professional skiers -- Angel and Johnny Collinson (who are also brother and sisters, and they literally grew living up at Snowbird), Carlo Travarelli and Oakley White-Allen.  They were so good, and really nice about giving us some tips on how to improve our skiing.  They even showed us how to do 180s, and where the great jumps are.  Jacob has a funny story on this one.

Let me tell you about the cool tram at Snowbird.  It takes you from the base, all the way to the top of the mountain.  It’s like riding a bunch of chair lifts because you cover a big distance (1.6 miles and 2900 vertical feet), but in a huge train-like car where you are warm inside.  While on the tram, Santa got everyone on board to sing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”  It was really funny and awesome because I love to sing.  From the top of the tram there are lots of really long runs to take down.  It’s a great way for a kid to see lots of different terrain on a single run.  

Hi, this is Jacob.  The best part of Christmas Eve was definitely skiing at Snowbird.  I really liked skiing on the Mid-Gad chairlift with my family.  First, they have a race course right next to it so you can watch the professionals train while going up the lift.  Then, if you are skiing with family members that are beginners they can get off at the halfway point to ski a Green run, while you continue to the top for more challenging runs.  My sister and I found some nice jumps at the top of the lift, then hit the moguls on the way down, and then caught up with family again on the Green run.  They even have a section of the Big Emma run roped off for families to ski together.  

Like Anna said, the professional were really cool to ski with and talk to.  It was interesting for me to hear about how they became pro skiers, got sponsors, and now get to travel the world and ski.  That would be awesome!  

Since the pros were giving us great skiing pointers I wanted to try something I had not done before – a 360 degree jump.   I was skiing down a steep hill off of Chip’s Run, and saw a cat track that went through the middle of the run.  I thought it would make the perfect launching pad.  It did and I went flying.  The run below me was steeper than I expected, and I landed the 360 sideways and tumbled down the hill all the way to the next cat track.  It was a major wipeout, but still a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to try it again.

We’ve skied Snowbird several times – sometimes in powder that was higher than our waists, and sometimes on nice sunny days like we had on Christmas Eve.  No matter what, we have a great time.  The people are always very friendly, and this time Emily was a really big help.  Thank you!  
If you have any questions about what a kid thinks about Snowbird, please let us know in the comments below.  You can also follow us on Twitter at @PowderTwins.