PowderTwins visit Wolf Mountain and Snowbasin

By Yeti Feb 27, 2012
We are the PowderTwins and are using our 5th Grade Passports to ski all 14 resorts in Utah this season. We just spent a great weekend in the Ogden Valley at Wolf Mountain and Snowbasin and had so much fun.
PowderTwins visit Wolf Mountain and Snowbasin

Hi everyone, this is Anna.  We had a GREAT time spending the weekend in the Ogden Valley and skiing Wolf Mountain and Snowbasin.  I’m going to tell you what a kid likes about Wolf Mountain and my brother will tell you about Snowbasin.

Wolf Mountain is not a huge resort and it’s easy to ski as a family.  We were having so much fun that we stayed for night skiing – they light up the whole resort until 9PM.  Really, the whole place.  It’s very cool.  My favorite run at Wolf Mountain is The Gardens.  It is a run that takes you on a trial through the trees and has jumps all the way through it!  You then go through moguls and come out by a terrain park with huge jumps.  In the terrain park they have an area with 6 jumps in a row, with a really big jump at the end.  Make sure to hit the last one fast so you can clear the gap and have a soft landing.  What I liked a lot about their terrain park is it was not crowded, so we got to try all the different areas at our own pace.  Our family had so much fun at Wolf Mountain.  It is cool being able to ski at a resort where the kids can ski in one area, the parents in another, and you can still easily find each other.  One more thing – Wolf Mountain has great cinnamon rolls!

Hi, this is Jacob and I want to tell you about Snowbasin.  This place is huge and has so many great areas to explore.  One of the really cool things we did was ski the “Men’s Start” run – the same run they used for the downhill competition in the 2002 Winter Olympics.  The run is very steep at the start -- it’s fun to stand on the top and imagine the Olympians skiing strait down at 80 MPH. Snowbasin also has the biggest halfpipe I have ever seen.  There are halfpipes, and then there is the Snowbasin halfpipe.  I’ve posted a picture of the beast.

The resort also has a “jump” park – an area roped off like a terrain park with big jumps like tabletops.  The location is great because is it’s by some green runs so I could ski with my little brother and show him a cool 180. The best run of the day was going through the gates to ski The Pyramids with my dad, a double black area off the No Name run.  After going through the trees we found a steep mogul run, and then ended up in a natural halfpipe.  We tried to ski this all the way down to the bottom of the mountain, but ended up going too far and had to hike out.  But it was a cool adventure. I had a great time skiing in this part of Utah.  We stayed at the Moose Hollow/Valley Escapes Condos which was really, really nice.  We met a group of teachers from Pennsylvania that were there on vacation, and they did not mind when we did snow angels in our bathing suits and then cannonballs into the Jacuzzi.  We said we’d say hi to them on the blog….so “hi.”   There are 3 resorts in the Ogden Valley and we planned to ski them all, but had so much fun at Wolf Mountain and Snowbasin we never made it to Powder Mountain on this trip.  That just means we get to go back in a few weeks and I can’t wait. If you have any questions about what a kid thinks about Wolf Mountain or Snowbasin, please let us know in the comments below.  You can also follow us on Twitter at @PowderTwins.