Pro Skiers, Amateur Interviewer: Powder Awards Red Carpet

By Powderhound Cat Dec 16, 2014
A fun twist on the greatest party in skiing.
Pro Skiers, Amateur Interviewer: Powder Awards Red Carpet

The Powder Awards Red Carpet Breakdown

Who I interviewed: Some of the greatest skiers of our time that were able (if not really willing) to be bothered by lil old @catskiutah on the red carpet in between photo shoots and Bird Dog Whiskey shots.

What I asked: All the GREAT questions y'all submitted on my last post before the event. Thanks for engaging and making this more fun than ever!

High Fives given: all of them.

When: Last Friday was the biggest party in skiing. This recap is one week post recovering.

Red Bulls consumed: too many.


Where: If UT hasn’t run out of booze it’s a miracle. Shoutout to the Depot for being a killer venue for our adventures. We partied hard and enjoyed fun, friends, moving tributes and thoughtful speeches. We all had good times. 

How: Thankful for my friends Ryan, Nick and Steve - who were able to grab me all the great pros to ask your fun questions!

Highlights: A kiss from Captain Powder that smudged a little too quick and a style discussion with Brody Leven.

Honorable Mentions: Henrik’s speeches. Recovery drinks that were...interesting. The Sweetgrass bus tour. The push up contest. And of course nothing was more emotionally charged than the recognition and moving tribute to JP Auclair.

This is my favorite event of the year. We enjoy all the hard work of the skiers and photographers and videographers pre season. It is what gets us stoked (using that word now costs $1 to the “stoke jar” - bet I have enough for 10 pairs of skis next season) and then we get to say thanks. These awards remind us of the risk the athletes take, and the reward of the beauty and freedom of our sport. The event was packed and I urge you to mark your calendars for tickets next December. The Powder Awards are not to be missed.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat