Rewinding Powder Mountain's 2011 Motocross Event

By Yeti Aug 26, 2011
Video and photo help you relive the action from Powder Mountain's Motocross event at 8,000 feet.
Rewinding Powder Mountain's 2011 Motocross Event

Powder Mountain is known for its endless snow and uncrowded slopes, although this summer the dirt at 8,000 feet was piled high and transformed into a motocross playground. Dubbed as one of the most challenging, fun and scenic motocross tracks of all time by Irate Inc.

On Saturday, an invite-only cast of 12 BMX riders competed for the King Of The Mountain bragging rights. In the end, Kyle Baldock was named King. From the highest air to the sweetest 360, check out the photo stream which captured the entire aerial attack. TransWorld also shares a quick highlight reel.  

Once the BMX riders left their mark, the main event revved up with the arrival of huge crowds and motocross athletes.  Course designer and seven time Supercross Champion, Jeremy McGrath was on hand to compete.  Here are some more photos  guaranteed to fire you up while reliving the high flying action that stole the show in Utah's late summer. See you at the fourth annual event next summer, and until then, it is quite possilbe that these men on two wheels inspired an entire generation of kids to go bigger and be more creative in the park this winter.