Rossignol Super 7s - Super like the Man

By Yeti Oct 19, 2011
Do you need a pair of skis that make you ski like a rock star, like Superman? We’ve found them, as has nearly every ski magazine out there. Check out Rossignol’s Super 7s; not only the year’s best reviewed ski but the last decade’s best reviewed ski.

Ski season is nearly here, another winter of possibility and personal triumph, another winter filled with powder.  (Insert record scratching sound).  Your winter of possibility hits your winter of reality because there are many fall rituals that you let pass, and now, winter is nearly here and you’ve lost your mojo and are out of shape.  Despite that fact that your headband never collected sweat this fall rocking wall squats and lunges, the better news is that Rossignol has created a ski that makes skiing easier.  That’s right, you read that correctly, the Rossignol Super 7 or any 7 for that matter makes skiing easier.  In fact, Outside testers said; “ In soft snow, you simply ski with less effort - and a big powder-eating grin on your face. . .”  Outside continued to say that “In more than a decade of reviewing skis, we’ve never had such an overwhelming favorite as the new Super 7” adding, “anyone from a struggling intermediate to a hard-charging expert will love this ski.”  

So if there is still any debate as to which planks you need to step into this winter, listen to these pros talk about you, Joe weekend warrior, stealing their lines.  Enjoy the winter of 2011-12, the winter of easy skiing.