Royal Street Café: A Deer Valley Must

By Powderhound Cat Jan 31, 2012
A relaxing evening at Royal Street makes it hard for Powderhound Cat to imagine ever cooking again...
Royal Street Café: A Deer Valley Must

Restaurant reviews aren't easy. I stumble through websites with people I've never met telling me what to order or whether or not I will like the place and get headaches. So it makes it impossible for me to give a typical review of a Deer Valley restaurant.

It is so nice knowing you just can't go wrong, very headache free. Yet another experience has made me wish I could eat every meal at Deer Valley. Remembering it now, uploading those photos, my mouth is watering.

I think I'm an addict. I admitted here that I've eaten almost everywhere at Deer Valley. 

Last week I crossed the Royal Street Café off my list.

I won't tell you what to order - but I bet nothing on the menu will disappoint. Let's just say I sampled more than one entrée...

I won't tell you how comfortable it was - just mention that a dinner with a slope side view of the groomers getting to work was so fun to watch.

The full bar was nice. The wait staff was incredibly attentive. 

I think living here in Utah we sometimes forget to indulge on a night out and a dinner after a long day of skiing. So local or tourist, you can get over to Silver Lake Lodge any time of day. I had the sit down dinner; it was a full two hour event of laughter, relaxation, and enjoyment that I think you all deserve to enjoy!

As a reminder, even non skiers can drive up and join you for a meal and see the slopes with parking validation, a really great deal.

Here's a link for the menu, more information, and online reservations, book a date now!

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat