Scooped By Powder Magazine

By Powderhound Cat Jan 31, 2011
Scooped By Powder Magazine

I've been enjoying so many adventures that I'm running behind on the little things, like gear. I wasn't surprised when this one got away from me. 

Powder Magazine has so many great features (Jaded Local, anyone?) and recently they've added another one: Smell the Glove.

They just totally beat me to the review of my latest favorite thing: the Smith I/O goggles.


goggles (goggles)

I like this article first and foremost because it's telling me I've hit the first rite of passage in to the ski industry. 

But seriously, it is spot on acknowledging how amazing it is to have goggles with two perfect lenses that switch out so easily I figured it out without reading instructions. On my recent trip out to Brian Head, having a lens for the blue bird day and one for the snow storm day made me feel brilliant.

I've only ever really used goggles from the cheap store sales table - but now realize how rad it is to be able to see in bright and low light. It's a totally different type of skiing when you can see. I mean, any goggles help, but having some that really work give you that added edge on a low visibility day.

For what it's worth, mine also rule because they fit perfectly on my face and under my helmet, no rookie goggle gap going on here!