Season Opener - Solitude

By Jake Nov 17, 2007
Season Opener - Solitude

solitude_nov_19 (solitude_nov_19)Well, the season is fully upon us now. Time for the snow to catch up. ;)

Solitude opened their gates Friday, November 16th to a large crowd of eager skiers and snowboarders. The fact that only two runs were open didn't make a difference to anyone as smiles graced the faces of everyone that was on the mountain. It is no secret that there isn't a lot of snow up in the mountains, but that didn't stop Solitude from making a valiant effort to open this weekend. Jay Burke mentioned to me that many months ago, they set an opening date, and as the preseason progressed, they did everything they could to hit that open date. They have been blowing a lot of snow in the last few weeks, and had a pair of nicely groomed runs to ride.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous as I drove up Big Cottonwood yesterday. Arriving at Solitude, the sequence was familiar in getting ready, chill air in the parking lot, and new snow excitement. Riding the chair was a peaceful experience and as I got off the lift stretched the new boots, and pushed off down the hill. Maybe you are like me, as I floated down the hill, I leaned farther forward, and dug my edges into the soft snow and pushed myself to faster speeds. What a thrill.

After a few runs I packed up and headed down to the car. I had to get to work and was disappointed to leave the serene mountains. What a great day, regardless of number of runs.

Where are you starting your season?