Shameless Self Promotion

By Powderhound Matt Oct 23, 2013
Want to really feel like a local? Listen to some of these stories and it will feel like you practically live here.
Shameless Self Promotion

Recently, yours truly was featured in an article entitled, “Came to Play, Worked to Stay”.  You can find that article along with tons of other Ski Utah related information in this seasons Ski Utah Magazine.  If you’d like a copy of your own check out this link and the kind folks at Ski Utah will gladly send you a copy of your own.

Being featured in the magazine got me thinking. I wonder how many folks out there have had similar experiences to mine. Literally, at that moment a fellow Long Islander, actually a guy who grew up less then 2 miles from me sent me a message on facebook.  He and I have a very similar story, only difference is he ended up at Alta and I ended up in Park City. He introduced me to a site that has podcasts hosted by local Alta Skier Johnny B.  Johnny’s story was almost identical to mine that it actually inspired me to listen quite a few of them. Check them out, it’s the closest you’ll ever come to being a local with out actually moving here.

Make sure you start with Johnny B’s segment. Some of my other favorites are listed below as well. Enjoy!

"Farmer" Dave Van Dame, added February 14, 2009

Julian Carr, added January 28, 2009

Chris Collins, added February 22, 2008

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, added December 17, 2007

Alan Engen, added November 30, 2007

Caroline Gleich, added November 19, 2007

Johnny B, added April 27, 2007

Onno Wieringa, added March 16, 2007

Lee Cohen, added January 26, 2007



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