Shiny Disco Balls

By Powderhound Cat Nov 19, 2014
Although New Year's eve is a ways off, this is going to be one really cool party.
Shiny Disco Balls

I’ve witnessed some cool things. Some really epic events and ideas. Salt Lake and Utah in general is this hub of award-winning talent. Our ski resorts and the people that make up the general population basically rule.

Nick Como spent many years being wonderful to skiers and boarders at Solitude. Then he went over to the Downtown Alliance, and Salt Lake City has flourished with his key guidance.

So it didn’t surprise me at all to see the BEST KICKSTARTER EVER launch under his vision.

I want you to check it out – the team behind EVE WinterFest is trying to build the largest disco ball in America! What other ski town, ski city, or any city will have a 20-foot wide sphere of mirrors suspended over the crowd with lights and lasers aimed at it from surrounding building rooftops? Yeah, exactly: only SLC!


Come ski for NYE.

EVE WinterFest is already one of Ski City’s key winter events – not to be missed. Imagine you, flying in to the OH SO ACCESSIBLE SLC airport and raging into the end of 2014 with some buddies after crushing the slopes. NYE is a Wednesday – perfect. Mid-week crowd (more like lack thereof). A couple of days and dazzling powder followed by ringing in 2015 with some really wonderful people in a great new place. And saying you saw it first.

Nick’s business sense about the disco party: “After last year's event, we were petitioned by the community and city council urging us to no longer shoot fireworks off. So, we came up with this unique solution to celebrate the New Year in a way that doesn't have a negative impact on air quality. Now we're asking the community to put their money where their proverbial mouths are.

“While this won't solve our inversion challenges, it is a step in the right direction and symbolic gesture as we begin the New Year as individuals and as a community, towards clean air decisions.”

Then I said, get real tell me why I think this is so awesome. Again, he nailed it, “Fireworks are easy - anyone can do them. But a record breaking disco ball that's 20 feet wide? Now, that's awesome. Add in some laser beams, and everyone from John Travolta to Dr. Evil would be ready to bust a move on New Year’s EVE in SLC.”

I donated to back this project because it’s good for the community, the air quality, and the dance your face off party vibe that you could be a part of – if you contribute. I like our style, SLC. Join the movement.


*Let there be snow, skiing, and a disco ball*

Powderhound Cat