Shred On: A Park Rat's Top 5 Spring Activities

By Park Rat Tom Apr 16, 2012
The sun is warm, the snow is soft, springtime in Utah is really going off!
Shred On: A Park Rat's Top 5 Spring Activities

1. April Powder

Nothing beats a bluebird day of shredding waist deep powder (friends optional). It may be April, but it's happening right here, right now in Utah! Winter decided to show it's lovely face again, so let's all do a little snow dance and hope she comes back for another round. Here is the proof...

tom_pow (tom_pow)

Snowbird. Shot 4/13/12

2. Slushy Terrain Parks

Spring park riding is a real treat. Sun, fun & the last chance to check off your end of the season trick-list. Double-corks? Triple Boardslides? Whatever your fancy, a true park rat is out there until the bitter end. Brighton's anticipated closing date is April 22nd, while Snowbird's is TBD. Check out a video from Mia Lambson at Brighton below and get it in while you can!

3. Beach Attire

Prepare for a day at the beach, just replace the surfboard with a snowboard or skis. There's nothing like riding in a t-shirt and board shorts (or a bikini I can imagine). If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do, it's truly a liberating experience.

4. Side-hits

Before the dawn of terrain parks, young, budding freestylers began riding the sides of the trails, creating small jumps, rhythm sections, and other natural features for all to enjoy. Springtime is the best time for 'side-hits', with natural features uncovering themselves on the daily.

*Helpful Hint* Wear neon for best results.

5. Pond Skimming

As many of you may have figured out, snow usually melts when the temperature rises above freezing. Snow then turns to a liquid, called water, which is really fun to skim across. It's also extremely refreshing under the hot sun & hilarious to watch. See for yourself.

 chick-pond-skimming (chick-pond-skimming)


If that isn't enough to get you out there this spring, maybe this is...

tyler_pow (tyler_pow)Snowbird #2...Barreled. Shot 4/13/12

Get out there while the going is good!

-Park Rat Tom