Ski Academy Diary: Day One

By Powderhound Cat Jan 12, 2012
Powderhound Cat took on the three day Ski Academy at PCMR this weekend.
Ski Academy Diary: Day One

Who taught you how to ski? I've only taken one lesson, until this past weekend.

Now, I'm fresh off the Three Day Ski Academy at Park City Mountain Resort.

So, before you even finish reading, go here and register for the next scheduled round: January 27-29th.

All signed up? Good.

Still on the fence? Well, let me help. First, I'll tell you what to expect; and next post, we'll talk results.

I bet you think you know how to ski. And I did, too. And I can. I have been ripping around for 30+ days this winter, getting better and better, but admittedly not thinking too much about technique. 

The difference between people that look okay on the slopes and people that look incredible? Ski lessons. 

Lessons might sound crazy to you. I get it. On Friday morning, I felt silly walking past Payday to meet up with the instructors. But after they assessed us and divided us up, I knew I was in for a real treat.

My instructor, Rob, was amazing. The four men in my group were wonderful skiers. We all wanted to get to that next level.

If I told you everything Rob helped us with, I'd be writing all night. There are little nuances in your skiing that only a trained expert can pick up on. Rob worked with each of us individually to tweak our styles in the right direction. For bumps, tight turns, and steep pitches, well, you need a skill set you might have skipped over. Personally, my problem is the game becoming "just get down it" when the run gets more aggressive. 

We skied all over the mountain. I loved learning some new spots.

Beyond just taking laps and discussing how to ski, a ski clinic like this will allow you to meet great people, share some laughs, and really bond over the shared passion of the sport.

I went home after Day One sore, with so much to talk about, some jokes to share, and the thrill of thinking about the next day...until I fell asleep around 9:30. You can expect to be tired!

Day Two it snowed! Our warm-up laps geared us up for the tight turns, the bumps, and the aggressive terrain we all wanted to master. Did we?

Stay tuned..

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat