Ski Academy Diary: Day Two, Three, and Beyond

By Powderhound Cat Jan 19, 2012
Powderhound Cat took on the three day Ski Academy at PCMR and here are the results. Remember it's SKI school not ski SCHOOL!
Ski Academy Diary: Day Two, Three, and Beyond

I want to tell you more about my experience at Park City Mountain Resort in their Three Day Ski Academy, and reveal some major secrets I uncovered. 

After Day One, the first secret I realized was: we are always still learning to ski. Sometimes you are just reacting to the mountain. Then you remember to work, to think, to apply.

No matter how many days or years you've put in, every turn makes you better. If no one is there, pushing you, giving you tips, how will those turns be? It might be fun to play catch up with someone better than you, but you aren't working on your form. You need lessons. Some of you ski well, but don't know how or why.

The how and the why matters, a lot. It gives you the tools to make the more challenging terrain an afterthought, not a struggle. 

So there's another secret: some of the people you see looking rad, they are just sliding downhill with bad habits.

Over the next two days, every person in our group gained confidence and ability, and took their expert skiing to the next level.

The secret to getting to that level? Having someone like Rob to correct, analyze, diagnose, and reform us out of our ingrained ski patterns. 

It takes a lot for a guy to admit what one of my new friends told us at the end of the clinic: "I'm going to have to tell my wife she was right".

It took a bit for some things to click. I worked at a much slower pace to apply what I had learned to my skiing. The days after the Academy have been interesting. I'm skiing differently than ever before. Taller. Smarter. More aware. I've spent more times in the moguls than ever before, and I'm even starting to enjoy them!

And don't worry, it's SKI school, not ski SCHOOL. You aren't wasting time, you are doing what you love. And don't you deserve to do what you love the best you possibly can? 

That might be the biggest secret: even if you think you can't possibly improve, can't possibly enjoy skiing any more than you already do, well; you can!

Sign up now. You'll thank me later.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat