Ski Jumping is for women too.

By Bob Winter Nov 26, 2008
Ski Jumping is for women too.

Ski jumping is the only Winter Olympic sport that doesn't allow women to participate. Leaders in the sport have been trying to gain access to the Olympics for several years in vain.  Last Tuesday a lawsuit was filed against the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, the group overseeing the 2010 Winter Games, in hopes a Canadian Court will do what the International Olympic Committee refuses to do- allow women to participate in Olympic ski jumping.

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Lindsey Van, a University of Utah student, reluctantly has taken on the role of activist when she agreed to be one of 10 plaintiffs from 10 countries who hope their efforts will drag their sport into the 21st century.

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I can't say I'm a huge fan of Title IX-esque opportunities after it helped to speed the departure of a lot of high-quality sports at BYU (amoung other reasons).  But here it makes a whole lot of sense.  Good luck to Lindsey and her crew.

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