Ski Season is still going strong in the Cottonwoods

By Powderhound Matt Apr 18, 2012
Just because the ski season ended last weekend in Park City, Ogden and in Southern Utah that doesn't mean that the ski season has ended in Utah. We are still skiing powder in both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.
Ski Season is still going strong in the Cottonwoods

So the season may have ended on the Park City side of the hill but that's not to say we didn't go out with a bang! Yours truly, the Powderhound closed out the season as the Powder Pig at Park City Mountain Resort, on what turned out to be a sleeper and truly spectacular powder day. The party was equally as good as the skiing was on Sunday.  

If you stumbled across my last blog you'll remember what I said. "Ski season isn't over, until I say it's over" and I personally guaranteed more powder skiing.  Well since my last post I've skied powder on 5 of the last 7 days! Guess what else, it's currently dumping at Brighton and Snowbird!  The ski season continues in Utah in both Big and LIttle Cottonwood Canyons at Alta, Brighton and Snowbird.  

Here is what Snowbird and Alta looked like last Thursday - Saturday.

Here is what Brighton looked on Tuesday.

Click here to see the ski schedule for the rest of the season.