Ski Utah in a Day at Altabird

By Tim Roberts Dec 8, 2006

Today we skied with four travel writers who flew out from different parts of the country to just ski for the day. John Newlin, editor of The Wave magazine, flew out from San Jose. John wore his snowboard gear on the plane bringing only a small backpack for his luggage. Brian Clark, writing for the San Diego Union Tribune, flew out from Milwaukee. Brian Metzler, from the Rock Mountain News, hopped on a short flight from Denver. Freelance travel writer Barry Warsch had the longest trip coming from Fort Lauderdale, FL. We picked the guys up from the airport and headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon. We dropped John off at Snowbird and headed to Alta. Less than an hour after getting off the plane, the guys were geared up with skis and boots and on the Collins lift. Alta Al gave us the mountain tour. I lost a ski my first run trying to keep up with these crazy writers. We cruised down Collins and then headed over to Sugarloaf and Supreme. After the tour of Alta, it was time to eat our gourmet boxed lunches we picked up earlier from Radda Cafe in Salt Lake and head over to Snowbird. Then we met up with writer John Newlin and Laura Schaffer from the Bird and loaded the Tram. On the first run we got a sneak peak of the new tunnel from Peruvian Gulch to Mineral basin, which opens Tuesday. Then we cruised down Chips and got back on the Tram. Next run, we cruised down Regulator over to Gadzoom. We hit a few groomers and some chopped Pow before heading back over to the Tram side. After a good, long day of skiing it was time to get the guys back to the airport so they could be home before bedtime. Being stoked on their trip to Utah to ski for a day, they wanted to know when the next trip would be for another hard day of “work.”