Ski Utah's License Plate Poker

By Kendall Mar 17, 2008
Ski Utah's License Plate Poker

April 15 can't come soon enough and I'm not talking about taxes. This License Plate Poker contest is too much.  I hope I'm not alone but I can't stop looking at license plates and wondering what hand that car owner has. In fact, I think I may be tainted for life. Not since I was a kid sitting in the back of our family car on yet another road trip have I spent this much time looking at plates.

Back then it was the hope of seeing a new state license plate that I had not yet caught a glimpse of.  At least then I could savor the joy of a spotting my first New York or the coveted Rhode Island plate (I grew up in Oregon).  Now when I see a plate with a stellar hand I'm left wishing somehow I could tell the owner of that nice Chevy Tahoe just how lucky he or she is only to have them turn right on 7th east, never to be seen again.

I have to admit when I first read about the contest I snickered a bit, but the longer it has gone on the more I've gotten into it.

Case in point: In late January I attended the Outdoor Retailer's show in Salt Lake City where huge exhibit halls were full of all sorts of cool outdoor and ski gear. Despite enough new gear to make this gear junkie salivate like a kid in a candy shop, the one thing that sticks out in my mind is the full house of 8's and queens that I spotted on a rental van as I entered the building. I stopped in my tracks, looked around for someone to savor the moment with, just anyone to show it to. But I knew that any of the passing show attendees would certainly think I were crazy trying to explain the logic of a full house on a license plate.

The current winning hand is this one below, submitted by Ericka Askerlund of Herriman, UT.

4 of a Kind

winning-plate (winning-plate)

So although many of you will be thinking tax deadline come April 15, I'll be looking forward to being able to peacefully drive around town without the urge to check out every new Utah license plate, seeing if perhaps they have the best hand in license plate poker.