Skiing 2011-12 Season

By Powderhound Cat Aug 17, 2011
A guide to getting the most out of the 2011-12 ski season.
Skiing 2011-12 Season


2011-12-wvp-cover (2011-12-wvp-cover)

It's almost here! It is time to prepare!

It's been an amazing summer in the Wasatch and I hope you've been active - there are a million things to do out here! From biking and hiking to the concerts the Yeti told you to check out - things here are gorgeous, active, and often free!

Not going to lie, though: August is when I start thinking about next winter.

What gets you most excited? Here's my list:

*Gear Guides and Movie Trailers.

The magazines are chatting about upcoming editions, my favorite reading material pre-snow: gear guides. A shopping list for everything new I'm dreaming of showing up under the Christmas tree. I've already asked the Yeti for some Rossignol skis, my fingers are crossed for a new jacket, and I'm saving up for new goggles - getting in to tree skiing gave me some scratched up lenses! What do YOU want to make new this season, or are you good to go in old gear? 

Then there's the films. Here's the Freeskier link to all the movie trailers on one place. Nothing better to bring the stoke and get you thinking about powder turns! What film are you most excited to see?

*Season Passes and Trip Planning

Check out season pass prices ON SALE now for next season. Time for the age old "where do we go?" tradition of calling friends, weighing options, and buying resort passes. Too hard to decide? I really hope I see you at the Yeti pass Scootch 'N Dash September 3rd for your chance to wow us with a costume and win a Yeti pass - a day at each resort! That was the best experience last year for me - seeing each of our 14 resorts and skiing them all!

So you aren't a local, not getting a season pass? You should at least be calling your friends, booking your flights, and finding the perfect ski in/out hotel! Now is the perfect time to start saving, be father/husband/girlfriend of the year and make the plans for an amazing trip to Utah! Keep your eyes peeled for discounts and cheap flights.

*What's New in Utah

I thought this was a brilliant article describing some of the resort improvements we have to look forward to in the upcoming season. All this talk about new snowmaking and new rentals at Brighton, and hello, FREE WIFI in Solitude Village is enough to make a girl sit by the window looking for flakes falling as soon as possible!! What are you most excited about?

Tell me in the comments!

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat

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