Skiing and boarding in one day to end the season and season ticket deals!

By Mountain Mama Apr 23, 2012
With another late season storm, Brennan hits Brighton one more time to ski and snowboard in one day. And, tries his hand at the terrain park. But, is it recommended? And Park City has awesome deals for next years season!

At the end of the season, I thought I would try the nearly impossible for a 5 year old....skiing and snowboarding in one day.  Would I recommend it...probably not.  But we had to give it a go.

There was another late season storm that dropped 5"-8" at the resorts and Brighton was closing in a few days, so Brennan and I gave it one more try.  In the middle of the week, we arrive and it was dumping!  Bren says "sweet, we have the mountain to ourselves!"  (really, you're 5 guy).  We get a front row parking and I decide we're skiing first.  It has been about 6 weeks since Bren has been on his skis due to his  boarding lessons.  I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle the kid and board, but Park Rat Tom is joining us to head over to the Pee Wee Terrain Park.  

Bren and I head to Snake Creek Express right away.  His little legs are a little shaky and there's a lot of snow, but he's got this ski thing down again. 

Didn't take long for the jumping to happen as he heads down the hill.  The snow is really great on top and we get a few fresh runs.  Great for later in April!  But, the rules with kids what they want.  Bren wants to make a snowman 1/2 way down.  So, guess what, we stop to make a snowman.  That's what you do with kids.

Since Tom is on his way, we break for a quick presto change-o at the Ski School.  Snack, a quick warm-up and a change into board gear and we're on our way to meet Tom.  So, Bren hasn't done any blue runs on his board.  I'm nervous getting him on the lift and don't really understand how this board works.  I guess next year first order of business is to take a board lesson (yikes).  We get to the top of Crest and Tom is able to help with the bindings and get Bren going. 

It's like riding a bike, he gets his moves back and down he goes, following Tom.


Then, we need to head down a blue run to get to the terrain park.  Lets just say we got there, it wasn't pretty and I've realized I'm maybe not quite ready for this.  Between Tom and I, we arrive.  Bren is excited to give this a go, but he's a little tired.  I've included some video of his first "jumps" on the boxes.  He says, "these are really slippery".  Yep, not as easy as it looks.  We somehow get back to the bottom and Bren is pooped.  I guess maybe a little too aggressive on my part for the day, but hey, who can say at 5 years old they can board and ski in a day!  A great way to end the season and also certainly something to work toward for next year!

And...speaking of next year, there are great deals out if you buy now! Park City has an awesome deal NOW!  Kids are only $125 for the season!!!!  Even if you plan on skiing a couple times, that pays for it.  But, get on it as it ends May 15th.

The Canyons has a renewal now for this seasons prices even if they go up next year!

Brian Head is offering deals now before prices go up in June.

Check back through the summer as we'll be staying in shape with hiking, biking and Bren checking out some skate camps!