Skiing's Best Weekend

By Powderhound Cat Dec 3, 2014
This weekend will be going off, and I'm covering both Deer Valley's opening and the 15th annual Powder Awards.
Skiing's Best Weekend

It's almost here! The Best Ski Weekend of the Year.


I got after it at the Powder Awards last year. Then Deer Valley opening weekend. Powder Awards are celebrating their 15th-year Anniversary. Deer Valley has been winning as a resort since, I don't know, people started skiing?

So here’s how this works. Ski Utah is giving me @skiutah social for the night. Again. They apparently didn’t learn from the mistake last year. Just kidding. We had a fun time.

15 years. The biggest names in skiing. Some of the most adventurous celebrities in the biz. Sadly not each and every one of us can fit in the Depot or the Deer Valley race course tent. I’ll try to make it feel like you’re there!

THE FUN PART FOR YOU: Any requests? Submit me something crazy to ask while I’m on red carpet duty - for skiers or celebrities, I can give that a try! I’m thinking things like:

When’s the last time you double heel ejected? You know, like this guy.

How often do you change your ski socks/underwear on a hut trip?

Honestly, how many pairs of skis do you have?

When’s the last time you paid for a lift ticket?

What is your favorite infused vodka?


5 You’ve been waiting all summer for a cold day and some hot food at Deer Valley.

4 Turns, for many the first of the season. Nothing else matters.

3 There is a great vibe at the Powder Awards when we take a moment + appreciate the good life.

2 Utah snow. Maybe you've heard. It's the greatest on earth.

1 100% chance of shenanigans.

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Let it snow

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