Smile! You have elk breath

By Yeti Feb 8, 2013
Enjoy trailside art at Deer Valley.
Smile! You have elk breath

By Harriet Wallis, the geezer gal.

One of my favorite things about skiing Deer Valley is taking an animal art tour along the Last Chance trail. It’s an easy blue run that’s great for children and tired senior skiers. Unfortunately, hard core skiers often miss it.

I’d skied hard all morning on some of the resort’s less used trails. I’d stuffed myself with wonderful salad combinations at the Natural Buffet in Silver Lake Lodge. It was time for a final highlight of the day -- a run down Last Chance to enjoy the trailside homes’ animal sculptures.

One home has a family of life-size bronze elk. The imposing bull faces the trail and the sign invites you to take photos. Mom and the calf are tucked beyond the trees. Be sure to find them.

The home across the trail is plagued by mischievous raccoons. They ski off the roof, look in the window, and snooze on the railing. Two raccoons are my favorites. One went splat when he hit the house on his skis. The other stands on the railing and looks uphill through binoculars.

There’s also a bear house, a totem pole house and a mountain goat house. Take your kids or your grandkids and discover them. Trailside critters add a bonus to a great day on Deer Valley’s slopes.

PS Remember that there are learning skiers on Last Chance, so give them room.

Harriet Wallis, the geezer gal bio:

Harriet Wallis has been a ski writer, editor and photographer forever. She learned to ski on a dare when she was in her mid 30s and has been blabbing about it ever since.