Snorkel time at Deer Valley

By Bob Winter Feb 2, 2008
Snorkel time at Deer Valley

The excitement began building yesterday afternoon with huge snow flakes falling from the Utah skies. The chatter on the lifts at Deer Valley was that we were in for a deep day on Friday. The snow continued into the night with some of the fattest snow flakes I have ever witnessed. Deep was an understatement.

I spent all morning with my friend Jordan taking laps in the runs serviced by the Empire lift. I was lucky enough to be one of the first skiers into the Daly Bowl; I was not disappointed. It was so deep that I found myself wishing that I had brought along my snorkel gear as breathing became hard with each subsequent face shot. In all my years of skiing in Utah, I don’t believe I have ever skied such light snow this deep. The snow had the consistence of extremely light powdered sugar. With 16” of new snow reported overnight I often found myself waist deep in snow. That’s what happens when Deer Valley gets pummeled with 28” in the last 72 hours.ericpowpow (ericpowpow)

After a great Spicy Chicken Thai sandwich and chocolate chip cookie at the Empire Lodge, Jordan and I headed back into the snow. One of the many great things about skiing today was the lack of crowds and a light, near-continuous snowfall. We headed back into the bowls and enjoyed fresh tracks all day long. How’s that for a ski day?

jordandeervalley (jordandeervalley)

With the Visa International World Cup events tonight the good times will continue to roll.