Snow Stoke

By Yeti Sep 20, 2013
Getting anxious for winter to start? Here’s a glimpse of the forecast to kick-start this coming season.
Snow Stoke

We’ve heard enough snow predictions in the past few weeks to make our heads spin. While it’s unknown how much snow will actually fall, we do know that winter stoke is high and we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season. With neighboring ski destinations getting their first taste of winter, it’s only a matter of time before the Wasatch is graced with a blanket of its first snowfall.

According to local forecasters familiar with Utah’s unique weather, that chance is just around the corner. Storms on the radar are showing potential for the right mix of temperatures and precipitation to deliver the goods in the middle of next week. Following a band of showers expected to pass through over the weekend; snow-burdened clouds are likely to make an appearance by Wednesday. Snowbird and Alta have a very high chance of snow, as do some of the other resorts at higher elevations. But thanks to years past, we are all too familiar with the elusiveness of the first snow, so follow these analysts to be sure you know when it hits. In the meantime, get the rack on the car and keep your winter gear easily accessible, snow is just around the corner!

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Wasatch Snow Forecast