Snowbasin; A great family resort

By Mountain Mama Jan 29, 2016
Snowbasin has some of the best views in the Wasatch and the terrain is varied enough for the whole family. From the terrain based learning experience to yummy food to fancy bathrooms, put this resort on your must visit resort!
Snowbasin; A great family resort

With the great snow so far this winter, it has been great skiing at all Utah resorts. No matter where you go, the powder has been deep and Mother Nature continues to line up storms for Utah.

Snowbasin has been one of the resorts my kids have always loved. It is located outside of Ogden and is easily accessible via the freeway, so we always make a point of getting there at least once a season. It is a fabulous family friendly resort and has some of the best views along the Wasatch.

Reasons to love Snowbasin:

1. Terrain Based Learning: This type of learning is based on using the terrain to force the turns, slow down, speed up and stop. Check out my previous blog for details. By taking the lower Littlecat Express lift, there is a very long beginner run with the terrain features and gentle slopes. My kids can pretty much ski all terrain, however, when we go to Snowbasin, they beg to do runs here. It is a great way to build confidence.

2. Beautiful lodges:  I am the type of skier that given the choice, would ski 2 runs and then sit in the lodge, then repeat. There is absolutely nowhere better to sit than the lodges at Snowbasin. Needles Lodge and John Paul lodge sit high up on the mountain with pretty much the most amazing panoramic views. On a clear day, you can see for miles. I'm one that when looking out, like to see just miles of nothing but mountains and nature. The food is amazing and the big fireplaces and comfy chairs will keep you there all afternoon. Here's another thing, you don't have to be an awesome skier to get there-I can do it and get down just fine on some nice blue/green runs. Or, you can purchase a sightseeing ticket and go to the top and just sit with your book. Another strange mention..the bathrooms. I included a photo of the great facility. Not that you're looking to hang out there, but the facilities are top notch.

3. Views: I've included some photos of the views. The photos really tell the story on this. On a clear day, it is just amazing.

4. Gear carts: I included this photo. I know it is silly, but I love these things. Like a wheelbarrow for your gear. Roll them out to the car, load skis, kids, boots...and away you go. In my photo you'll see Emily used it to tote around her dolls. 

5. Long runs: From the top of the gondola, it is a nice long cruise down. The great thing about Snowbasin is you can take almost any lift to the top of the mountain and get yourself down on a blue or green run. You get great practice on big turns from top to bottom for sure!

6. Discovery Center: This is in the basement of Earls Lodge, which has some amazing couches and a big fireplace, for anyone to walk through. It is a quick introduction to animals, seasons and terrain at Snowbasin. Even if you have 10 minutes, it's worth a quick look.

7. Tubing hill: If your kiddos only want to ski for 1/2 day, this is a great activity to try. is the 75th birthday celebration THIS SATURDAY!! Food, treats, raffles and fireworks! Put January 30th on your calendar!