Snowbasin Birthday Board Day!

By Active Alyssa Feb 10, 2016
Attending Snowbasin's 75th Birthday Bash was a Blast! Snowboarding all day, drinks, sweet treats, then a flashy celebration to end the night with a BANG!
Snowbasin Birthday Board Day!

Snowbasin Resort knows how to throw a fun-filled birthday bash for all ages! Fresh snow was one of many birthday gifts that the mountain served up! We got the party started by having an epic powder day; Snowboarding until the bash began at the base. There was face painting, balloon art, and live music to create a festive atmosphere! 

For a 75th birthday, you have to go big, and the cake was no exception! Four layers, three flavors, two hours cutting, one giant birthday cake! 

Since we worked our legs in the powder boarding all day, we rewarded ourselves with cake and cocktails! Balance... remember. Everyone gathered and socialized as the sun went down and the flares lit up! Everyone danced and cheered as little red flames came cursing down the mountain for the light parade. Shortly after, the sky lit up with a magical show of fireworks with a reflective glow on the snow! What an awesome day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNOWBASIN!