Snowbasin: Just What the Doctor Ordered

By Tim Roberts Mar 4, 2007
Snowbasin: Just What the Doctor Ordered

hr-snowbasin-blog-01 (hr-snowbasin-blog-01)

After a doozy of a birthday party night in Park City, Fletch and I cruised over to Snowbasin for some Pow skiing. Lucky for us, a good day of skiing is just what the doctor ordered to cure the brown bottle flu. We headed up in the Needles Express Gondola and got the scoop about what’s been skiing the best the last couple of days. Then we hopped on the Strawberry Traverse and cruised the groomer over to Carnahan’s. There we found some soft, chopped up pow that felt so good I was cured. However, the birthday boy was going to require more pow to be fully cured. On the next lift ride we noticed that there were still some fresh lines off the traverse in Sister’s Bowl.

Then we got on top of our lines in Sisters Bowl. We saw a sweet little ridgeline that looked like a lot of fun. Fletch ripped it first, and then I took the snow right of his tracks. It was soft and smooth like mayonnaise! Then we cruised some wide-open, chopped pow down Rainer’s. Everything is staying super soft regardless whether it’s been skied or not. After that we rode back up and got some good skiing without a hike or traverse in The Walrus Trails. Then Fletch took this picture of a pulley system connecting two peaks. I’m not sure what it’s used for, but there looks like some crazy zip line potential.

hr-snowbasin-blog-02 (hr-snowbasin-blog-02)

Right below that there was a chute that only had one other track in it. With good snow and a good run out it was fully pointable. It was fast and fun! Then it was time for a nice long cruiser down the groomer to wind down. We cruised back to Earl's Lodge at the Needles base and called it another sunny day with soft snow. Photographer Fletch Halyburton was delirious from his pow medicine.