Snowbird Day 2:Recap

By Jake Nov 9, 2008
Snowbird Day 2:Recap

Well, another notch on the ski pole, Snowbird day 2 in the books. Started out the day on the tram, posting a few pics from my cell phone. After breaking in my legs to idea of skiing, (Sure, I could have done some pre-season training, but I thought that sitting at my computer trying to become the greatest blogger of all time took precedence), loosening up the boots a little, I settled into a bluebird day of skiing. I took my camera around and took some pictures of the day. Hope you like.

lone-bleak-world-6-450x301 (lone-bleak-world-6-450x301)
Snowbird Lift Line
lone-bleak-world-9-450x301 (lone-bleak-world-9-450x301)
Smiles were found all around.
lone-bleak-world-8-450x301 (lone-bleak-world-8-450x301)
Sun, and some trees.
lone-bleak-world-4-450x300 (lone-bleak-world-4-450x300)
Happy Snowboarders
lone-bleak-world-2-450x297 (lone-bleak-world-2-450x297)
Creekside Grill
lone-bleak-world-10-450x300 (lone-bleak-world-10-450x300)
Getting Some Sun
lone-bleak-world-111-450x301 (lone-bleak-world-111-450x301)
Mr. Cool.
lone-bleak-world-7-450x301 (lone-bleak-world-7-450x301)
I am having a baby in a few months... Thought this was funny.


lone-bleak-world-5-450x301 (lone-bleak-world-5-450x301)
There is an old saying: There are two types of people, those that don
lone-bleak-world-3-401x600 (lone-bleak-world-3-401x600)
Snowbird Employee