Snowboard Holiday Gift Guide

By Snowboarder and Gear Junkie Dec 18, 2018
The best gear guide for snowboarders from stocking stuffers to bigger gifts over $75.
Snowboard Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are finally upon us and the pressure is on to show your loved ones how much your care. Getting gifts can be stressful especially if you are shopping for somebody who loves snowboarding. This year there are a lot of cool new products hitting the hill but it may be hard to decide what is really cool and what's not. Well, you're in luck. I have taken some time to create a gift guide of hot items ranging from stocking stuffers to larger items for that snowboarder in your life

Stocking stuffers: gift card: Now before we get into the meat and potatoes of this article I want to make it clear that every snowboarder needs a lot of expensive gear. Getting the dream gift may not be in the cards but if a few family members giving $20 gift cards, it can help cover the bill for a new pair of boots or that new snowboard they thought they couldn't afford. Shopping at you can almost guarantee anything your favorite snowboarder will want is in stock and ready to ship with free two-day shipping on any order of $50 or more. Buy it here.

Dakine Fidget tool: This inexpensive keychain tool will not only make that snowboarder in your life incredibly happy but also could potentially get then or their friends out of a jam on the hill. With conditions constantly changing, and snowboards changing temperature its almost guaranteed some bolts will come loose. Now assuming they bring their keys everywhere they will never be unprepared on the hill when things get loose!

Crab Grab Mini Claw Traction Pad: No snowboarder wants to be the person who slips out getting off the lift one footed or have their hand slip off when trying to get that proper grab. In order to eliminate that as well as stay with the trends, crab grab is the ticket for any rider looking for grip when unstrapped. Pro tip: try to figure out what color snowboard they ride to match that crab grab with their board.

$75 and under

Handout Lightweight mittenDoes the snowboarder in your life not only love snowboarding but also loves being able to share his good time on social media? Look no further as handout gloves allow that rider to get the gram while being able to keep his hands warm. These gloves not only are warm and comfortable for long days in the park but also feature a zipper so you can free your hands, get the shot, then get them back in with our having to take them off completely. 

Smith Holt Helmet: Here is a way to keep that rider in your life safe but at the same time providing them with a stylish skateboard influenced option to do so in. This Smith helmet won't break the bank and at the same time uses top materials in its build. The tough part can be sizing even though this helmet is adjustable. I always ask what size fitted hat they wear. From there you can look online to get the conversion to CM circumference that is roughly, and double check with the size chart provided on Smith’s website to get a perfect size!

Demon United Complete Tune Kit: Sick of hearing about how much money your favorite snowboarder is spending repairing their snowboard? This is the best kit because it truly comes with everything you could need for basic snowboard repair. Most kits just cover waxing your snowboard but this also includes everything to keep edges sharp, p tex (plastic filler) for when you hit rocks, and an iron so they stop breaking yours! Along with this gift, I would also send them a link to this short 5-minute video made by Rossignol featuring Xavier De Le Ru who is one of the best snowboarders in the world. It takes you through the basics of how to properly use all the tools in this kit so you can ensure this gift gets a lot of use this season! 

$75 and over:

Adidas Jake Boot 2.0: Designed for pro snowboarder Jake Blevault these are the top end apres boot for that rider in your life. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but are tough to handle anything a slushy parking lot can throw at you. Made from your pick or full grain leather or the gore-tex version you can guarantee your feet will stay dry. These boots are also extremely durable as well and designed for the long haul. They overbuilt these putting rubber toe and heel bumpers seen in mountaineering boots, as well as adding a super grippy lugged sole. They managed to add those features while still looking good enough to pass the pub test or wear around town for years to come!

Smith Squad XL: Does the snowboarder in your life have a big personality? Does he like to go fast, go big, and take chances? Look no further at smith’s Squad XL goggle. They don't just look good on the hill with funky color options but the low price adds a huge value without sacrificing performance on the hill. These goggles feature Smith's patented chromapop lens which allows you to see more detail and color than any other lens out there. These goggles also come with two lenses for both sunny, and cloudy conditions. The larger frame allows for a larger range of vision allowing riders to keep an eye on other folks on the hill. On top of that, the simplistic look and comfortable feel of this goggle puts it above all others.

Rossignol Sushi: This is the ultimate gift for any big snowboarder as this is a specific snowboard for riding powder. Now usually most riders end up replacing their all mountain or beat up park boards not able to afford to have a unique shaped board like this. Be their saving grace this season and surprise them with a sushi. Not only is this board great in the powder but it also is a blast to ride any day of the week. Since this board is so short, and wide it rides, unlike any traditional snowboard. When the powder is deep is where this board shines as it effortlessly floats in the snow, and provides a unique ride that is almost a completely different feel. If you are struggling to surprise somebody and don't want to ask to get them a sushi. It will be the best surprise.

I hope you enjoyed reading through this gear guide. Like I mentioned earlier all of this gear is available through or your local retail shop. I highly encourage you to chat in with one of the many helpful backcountry gearheads to help get any of these products. Happy holidays and thanks for reading. Pray for snow!