Snowboarding and Skiing? There must be a better werd

By Kendall Feb 2, 2008

Perhaps it's a writer thing. Tell me if I'm wrong but in describing the art of sliding on snow you're stuck without a creative adjective or pronoun that's inclusive and Webster's thesaurus isn't up to date enough to help out. So you're left with ‘Skiing and snowboarding’ but in your mind you're thinking that there's got to be a better word, a shorter one, that like Neo will be the one to bring the two (or three) together.

To that end Ski Utah and Winter at Westminster teamed up with The Addictionary
in an open contest to coin a word for the term ‘skiing and snowboarding’ and put an end to the separation once and for all by finding an alternative to the three-word, 21-letter standard.

But since we, the ski industry, haven’t been brilliant enough to figure it out on our own we are asking you, the skiers and snowboarders (see, I could have used one word right there but it's not invented yet) of the world to come up with a new werd - the mighty catch-all, the great equalizer, the big peacemaker – that describes both skiing and snowboarding in one fell swoop. If you come up with the winning werd you'll wind a ski and snowboard (gah, once again) trip to Utah to - ready for this - ski and snowboard.

The Ski/Snowboard Lingo contest runs from February 4 – March 4, 2008. The winners will be chosen by a panel of celebrity judges.

What: The Ski/Snowboard Lingo Contest
When: February 4 – March 4, 2008
Prize: For the best new werd for “skiing and snowboarding”
A Spring Ski Trip to Utah for two in April '08 sponsored by Ski Utah and participating Utah resorts

Celebrity Judges:

Annie Fast, Executive Editor, Transworld Snowboarding magazine
Derek Taylor, Editor of Powder magazine
Nathan Rafferty, Ski Utah President
Kendall Card, “powstash”
Kristin Ulmer, professional skier
Julian Carr, professional skier

Check out the Addictionary contest.