Snowriding? Gnardonculous? Werds?

By Kendall Mar 20, 2008

You may recall earlier this month the post I did about the Ski/Snowboard Lingo contest that Ski Utah and Winter at Westminster hosted on the Addictionary site (it's an online dictionary of made up "werds" - you know, like the words you used to make up with your bro/brahs but never wrote down).

People came out of the woodwork and from all over the country to submit their werds. Hundreds of new werds for the "one werd to rule them all" category poured in and another stack of werds for the lingo category piled up like the snow at Alta.

With the contest now over I give you the winners.

Snowriding (n) A new winter recreation industry term describing the act
of either snowboarding or snow skiing down a slope.

Snowriding, the grand prize winner and the new werd for “skiing and snowboarding,” was submitted by: Roberta Stjernholm of Lakewood, Colo. She won a week long trip to Utah. (Am I the only one that sees the irony in this?) Perhaps after checking out how easy it is to get to the resorts around here versus running the I-70 ultra-marathon she'll move to Utah.

gnardonculous: (a) gnarulous and ridonculous. The definition of this winning werd actually consists of made-up werds. So to clarify,
gnardonculous is an appropriate synonym for such go-to adjectives as: gnarly, sick, rad and/or ridiculous.

Submitted by Andrew Howard Johnson of Stamford, Connecticut, this new snowriding lingo werd took home the prize of 2 lift tickets to The Canyons Resort and 10 shirts featuring the new werd.

I'd definitely wear a tee shirt with the word Gnardonculous on it. Andrew, if you read this and have an extra shirt to pawn off, let me know. I'll take a Large.

One of my favorites that didn't win is the self describing Snowcrastinator: (n) One who puts off work and chores intentionally and habitually in favor of skiing.

Check out the other new werds from the contest on the Addictionary site.