Snowshoe Utah!

By Powderhound Cat Mar 6, 2011
Snowshoe Utah!

There's more to Utah than skiing; there, I said it!

Of course, you already know that we Powderhounds have enjoyed an amazing winter full of skiing, each day better than the last.

But you should also know there are even more great adventures to experience here.

I told you a little while back that facing new challenges was going to be part of my journey. My latest experience was a day out on snow shoes.

I learned how to put them on with little help, grabbed some poles, and started up some switchbacks close to my house. I couldn't believe I was out on the snow without my skis on at first! It's easy to get the hang of, and surprisingly not that tiring, once you get going. Anyone could try this great winter activity.

The views after a good snow shoe hike are amazing, and even more peaceful and breath taking than reaching the top of your favorite chairlift.

My tips:

*Dress in layers. I actually shed clothes on the way up and collected it on the way back down. The hiking will warm you up!

*Rent poles and snow shoes that have a heel lift. This new technology eases your climb.

*Scout an easy trail to start. Here's an interesting website with some trails. And one more specific to Park City.

*Try running around a bit downhill. Hilariously fun.

*Bring some friends, some water, some food, and even a pet. 

img_5328 (img_5328)

Here's hoping you get out for more than just skiing, whether you're visiting or a local. And here's to trying new things!

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat

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