Solitude Food...

By Jake Nov 15, 2008
Solitude Food...

I think that a lot of people are like me when I say that one of the best parts of the day is when you get to do a little R&R in the lodge at your favorite ski hill. You get some delicious food, and sometime with friends. Well, I like taking pictures of food, and have been for a long time now been including those pics right within the posts about the day. I think that they might need a little more distinction, so here we go...

Solitude Moonbeam Lodge

dsc_0049-450x301 (dsc_0049-450x301)

The Western Burger

At the Moonbeam lodge, you will find all kinds of resort foods, but for me today, the Western Burger jumped out as the clear choice for something special. With a couple onion rings, bacon, jalepeno cheese and tangy BBQ sauce, I was in heaven.

dsc_0042-450x301 (dsc_0042-450x301)

Carrot Cake

What better to follow up with, then a nice piece of Carrot Cake.

As a side note, Carrot Cake has always held a special place in my family heritage. My mom, basically stole my dad's car in college (pre-dating) He had a sweet little Triumph TR-3. While the grand theft auto was taking place, she ripped the muffler off the car somehow... Rather the fixing the car, she did what any happy BYU coed would do, and made him a carrot cake... The rest is history.

So, Carrot Cake brings people together, and makes a day on the mountain excellent. At the Moonbeam Lodge, check out the Greek salad, the Chicken Caesar Wrap, (and salad). Lots of good eats at Solitude.