Solitude Starts work on Powderhorn II

By Tim Roberts Jul 22, 2009
Solitude Starts work on Powderhorn II

Just drove past Solitude this morning and noticed that they've got the string off of the old Powder Horn lift.  A new High Speed is going in this summer.  I got to say I'm a little sad to see the old double go.  I've had a lot of fun times and great days over 12 years on that chair.  But, getting more laps in before work or on a Sunday is always fun too.  Here's what the Solitude Blog has to say about it.

Solitude Mountain Resort has begun installation on
Powderhorn II, a $1.5 million improvement to the lift system. A
replacement of the original Powderhorn double, a holdover from its
mid-70s installation - albeit with an improved lift line - comes on the
heels of last winter’s $7 million investment in two detachable express
quads. That’s three new quads in just the past two years!

Powderhorn II will start from the bottom of Sunshine Bowl, travel
above the Concord ski run, and end in the same location as the original
Powderhorn Lift. The move to a mid-mountain starting point allows
expert snowriders to make continuous laps on the upper mountain - from
Diamond Lane to Sunshine Bowl - without the need to return to the base
area via beginner runs. A speedy 7 minute lift ride on the new lift, as
opposed to 12 on the old double, saves 5 minutes per run on some of the
state’s steepest groomed terrain. Plus, the off-piste terrain in
Honeycomb Canyon will still be conveniently accessed from the top of
this lift.

Last winter’s new Apex and Moonbeam Express lifts introduced high
speed lift access from both base areas to mid-mountain, allowing
Powderhorn II to begin higher on the mountain. Accessible from all
three detachable lifts, including Eagle Express, a greater on-mountain
flow is achieved throughout the resort. Solitude’s goal with terrain
and lift improvements, now and into the future, is to efficiently
utilize pockets of terrain which are naturally separated by the layout
and slope of the mountain.

Beginner and intermediate visitors will appreciate the new lift, as
well, even though they may not ride it until their skills improve, as
advanced and expert visitors will remain higher on the mountain, easing
traffic in prime learning areas lower on the mountain. Crafting this
natural segregation put visitors of like abilities in terrain conducive
to their ability, creating an improved experience for all.


newliftcallout-300x270 (newliftcallout-300x270)
New Solitude High Speed Quad