Spread the Winter Stoke

By Powderhound Cat Sep 7, 2012
The wishful thinking of winter being a day closer got me thinking...who is most ready to see the snow fly? I've teamed up with the Ski Utah Yeti and we're giving you a chance to win lift tickets to ANY resort in Utah!
Spread the Winter Stoke

It's that time of year again - FINALLY!

The movie trailers are dropping, the gear swap dates are set, and you get up excited, knowing fall is in the air and winter is closer and closer.

It's a contagious virus, spreading one forum post or Facebook link at a time.

First your profile photo goes back to your favorite shot from last year. Your friends copy you.

Then you call your friends, planning to pick up season passes and set dates for ski vacations and road trips.

So how ready are you for the POW? 

The Ski Utah Yeti and I want you to prove it. 

I love all memes - but there just aren't enough good ski themed ones.

Here's my favorite, even if it's a little harsh:



And another that makes me giggle:



I even made you one as an example of something awesome I'm stoked for this year:



So can you make the Yeti and all his Ski Utah fans stoked for winter?

Any website you find (google "meme generator") will let you change the captions.

Create something that is Utah, powder, skiing and awesomely winter-themed.

The Yeti loves penguins and the South Park Ski Instructor...but any image will work.


1. Create your meme.

2. Post to the Ski Utah Yeti facebook page wall.

It's that simple. You have a week - contest ends Friday September 14th.

The meme that makes the Yeti grin the most with the most comments, likes, and shares will win the creator TWO lift tickets to ANY RESORT of their choice in the state.

Get to work!


*Let it snow*


Powderhound Cat

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