Spring Skiing at Deer Valley

By Tim Roberts Mar 13, 2007

Warm sunny weather makes for great spring skiing. I decided to cruise over to Deer Valley today to enjoy some soft spring snow. With conditions being firm early and then getting softer as the day goes on, I opted for a later start. The bumps on Solace were nice and slushy allowing me to take a pretty straight line while easily controlling my speed. After that I cruised back up Empire and headed over to the Daly Chutes. Getting a little less sun, the main chute was soft but not as slushy. Then I cruised back over to Silver Lake to spin a couple of laps off the Sterling lift. With no ice anywhere to be found, you could ski fast and lay your skis over, knowing your edge will hold for sure. I did realize that it’s time for me to start waxing my skis again. The melting snow is super slow on the catwalks late in the day. Some warm weather pink, red or yellow wax mixed with graphite takes care off that. Between laps I noticed there were plenty of people enjoying the spring weather by lounging on “The Beach” in front of Silver Lake Lodge. The bikinis are out, meaning that it must be spring break. Soft snow and sun equals lots of fun!