Spring Skiing Doesn't Mean Waist Deep Powder

By Jake Mar 29, 2009
Spring Skiing Doesn't Mean Waist Deep Powder

Unless you live in Utah.

Hell Heck Yeah.

3393386793_78b7b58259 (3393386793_78b7b58259)

After it kind of being a garbage morning, I made it up to Brighton after seeing this post. Surely, this had to be one of the best powder days for the entires state, but Big Cottonwood was looking gorgeous, and I need some powder satisfaction.

3394198824_92cca09796_m (3394198824_92cca09796_m)3394201224_c74a88f7cc_m (3394201224_c74a88f7cc_m)I parked over at Milly, and headed up knowing that there would be tons of powder. Sure enough, many a powstash were found in there. The bowl was deep, Little Milly was just acres of soft pillows waiting to be stormed through. For me, Milly was a blast, just what I needed to help with my powder fix.

Next leg of the journey, I headed up Crest for some tree skiing. I know what you might be thinking, Crest? On an powder day? My friend, rest assured, Between Snake Creek and Crest, there is some of the best tree skiing in Utah. Hands down. Three quarters of the way up the lift, my thoughts were confirmed when I saw only ONE TRACK under the lift. It was going to be good...

3394200970_3d729e1bce (3394200970_3d729e1bce)

If you are looking for fun run, head down Pacific Highway, and take a right into the trees after Tantamount. You will soon find yourself waist deep in powder. As you get near the bottom, stay kind of to the right, to avoid a flat spot.

jakes-run-450x336 (jakes-run-450x336)

3393387565_0241e63ee1 (3393387565_0241e63ee1)

Spent the rest of the day taking laps on Snake, there is so much powder in the trees over there, it goes untracked for days. With another couple storms in the mix, lots more powder inbound here in Utah. Make sure to take advantage before it is time to break out the two-wheelers...