Spring Skiing in January...

By Jake Jan 20, 2009
Spring Skiing in January...

Step 1: Look at this picture. Realize that you live in near this valley, and should probably be in the mountains. Needing more evidence?

Step 2.: Read this post


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When this happens, the best thing to do is head to the mountains where the skies are blue and the air is clear and clean.  Temperatures at upper elevations tend to rise well above freezing, thus changing the mid-winter snowpack into something that more resembles springtime conditions. Because of this, Dawn Patrols are pointless–unless you want “first ice.”  So, we got a little later start (10:30 am) in hopes that we’d be harvesting corn instead of variable crust.


The views from this ridge were awesome… Timpanogos to the South, Box Elder to the West and all the usual suspects that flank Little Cottonwood Canyon were in full view. I just love being in the Wasatch!

Once at the saddle, among large pine trees, we were greeted with perfectly-pitched slopes and widely spaced trees. I was pretty stoked as anything sun-baked had turned into perfect corn. We enjoyed over 1000 vertical feet of corn before carefully picking our way through the trees and eventually back onto the hiking trail–right where we started from.

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