Spring Warriors Unite

By Powderhound Cat Mar 19, 2013
The Third Rule of Weekend Warrior Club: NO TAPPING OUT. Don’t Stop. It’s that time of the year, when some are tempted to pack it in. Reasons to stick it out and Spring Ski your weekends away.
Spring Warriors Unite

In case you need to be reminded or convinced, ski season is STILL GOING STRONG. In spite of high temps in the valley, it's NOT time to put up your skis. It's time to embrace sun and fun and skiing in brighter - and wonderfully warmer - light.

Here’s some things you need to strategize for perfect spring weekend warrior-ing. Even if you’ve heard it before, read it again.


Sunscreen. This one especially bears repeating. Layer after layer of the stuff let’s be serious - no one likes leatherface. You think a season of goggle tan pride is worth people thinking you're 57 on your 30th birthday? Me either.

Friends, but be selective. Your Saturdays and Sundays are special. The coolest part of becoming a weekend warrior is being so picky. Someone wants to ride with you? Ask them what they have to offer. Carpooling is nice. Beer is better. Best? Get some kind of Hunger Games survival tournament going for your pre ski entertainment.

A whole new wardrobe. I’m all for skiing in a bikini. Boardshorts for boys. Shirtless. In case you haven’t heard the saying “suns out, guns out” that’s totally how to roll. If you’re not feeling beach body ready, hit the slopes in the weirdest thing possible. Cousins oversized Halloween costume? Good. Strap a doll baby around your body with a fanny pack? Nice. Jorts with a wig somehow coming out the waistband and a Tom Selleck moustache? A+.


Long lunching. Whether you get there early for the fresh snow or crack of noon for the soft snow, at some point, you need to eat. I suggest lawn chairs. Especially at Brighton, buy some food and saunter ski boot style back to your truck. When you ride by Milly nothing is more enticing than the spring lounging scene. Who needs “the park” - it’s all about the “parking lot”. Cornhole in boots is hilarious.

Read Schedules. Check out each resort’s home page event list, and Facebook wall. If I posted it all here it would take up 409376 pages. So much good stuff coming up. Music, parties... Last year I told you about all the great events at the Canyons, and they’re coming up again soon. See you at pond skimming! Alta has their specials here.

Move with the sun. Follow a natural progression across the mountain to stay on the best snow. Start with high and east-facing slopes, then move to south slopes, then ultimately west- and north-facing slopes later in the day.


Fear the bumps. Spring soft slush bumps are perfect for playfully perfecting your turns.

Put off your tune. It's tempting to wait until between ski seasons, but I think your best bet is to go get your skis in shape for the variable freeze-refreeze and corn snow conditions. Wax helps with slush.

Make it a chore. This time of year, skiing isn't about pushing, performing, or competing. It's about having fun, enjoying the sun and the snow, and skiing for the love of the sport. Be safe and enjoy.


Powderhound Cat