Step 7 Après-Ski Life: Get Tuned Up!

By King of Après Oct 20, 2016
Step 7 of Après Adam's 12-Step Program for Après-Ski Conditioning: Get Tuned Up! Shot ski tuning tips from Après Adam.
Step 7 Après-Ski Life: Get Tuned Up!

Après Adam here with step 7 of my 12-Step Program for Après-Ski Conditioning. I’m here to help you have the best après-ski season of your life!

Step 7: Get Tuned Up!

Shout out to Colby at Angelos Media for being there to document the inaugural shot ski tune of the season

It’s not every week that you get to join a thousand friends to break a world record. Let alone a world record as historically epic as “the world’s longest shot ski” But that’s exactly what’s going down this weekend on Historic Main Street, right here in my home, Park City, Utah. The greatest town on earth, with the Greatest Snow on Earth will be breaking the most important record on Earth. It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

After years of dreaming and months of planning, the First Annual Shot Ski and World Record Attempt from Wasatch Brewery is finally here. See you all Saturday October 22nd, at 2pm on Main Street, Park City, Utah. You've only got one shot. Will you take it?

While we’re on the subject, this is the perfect week to dial in your après-ski game by getting your shot-ski ready for the upcoming season. I’m just going to assume you already own a shot-ski, because you can’t call yourself an après-skier if you don’t own one.

Just in case you don’t currently have one... say because you lost it on closing day last season, or maybe you accidentally dropped it off a cliff taking a celebratory shot ski on top of Angel’s Landing… you have a few options to finding a replacement, upgrading or even just to have as a backup.

Option 1: Build your own:

Option 2: Buy A Kit

Option 3: Buy A Complete Setup

Option 4: The Professional Après-Skier (*Après-Adam Approved)

Now that we all have our shot skis of choice, it’s time to get tuned up! Follow these important steps:

  • Keep it clean. Sanitize your shot-ski regularly. Nothing kills a party faster than a dirty shot glass from your last après session.

  • Make sure you have plenty of stickers on your shot-ski. Not everyone can be a professional après-skier with real après-ski sponsors, but that can’t stop you from pretending.

  • Wax. Or Don’t.

  • Make sure to check your mounts and bindings regularly throughout the season to avoid spillage.

  • Practice.

Starting Friday night, the latest Warren Miller movie premieres in Park City this weekend. This would be a great chance to practice using your shot-ski.

If you’re in the Ogden area, check out the Ogden Valley Winterfest, a brand new, two-day celebration of all things skiing and snowboarding at Nordic Valley. This event looks awesome! And what would a Winterfest be without a freshly tuned shot-ski?

Ogden Valley Winter Fest

So grab your shot-ski and get tuned up!

As the great Wayne Shotzski said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”